Election Day Queues Survival Guide: Top Tips to Keep Your Cool

Stay prepared for Election Day with these tips to navigate long voting lines effectively.

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Election Day Queues Survival Guide: Top Tips to Keep Your Cool

As South Africa gears up for one of its most significant events on 29 May - Election Day - the anticipation is high. With millions of citizens poised to exercise their democratic right, they're confronted with a common frustration: lengthy queues at voting stations.

Jonathan Spencer, Brand & Campaign Manager at OneDayOnly.co.za, notes, "We're all familiar with the extended wait at polling stations on voter’s day.”

Because we all love a good listicle, OneDayOnly.co.za has curated a list of practical tips for voters to navigate long lines and make the most of the experience:

Stay hydrated and warm: It may be Winter, but one never knows as we are so accustomed to experiencing four seasons in one day. With the possibility of the sun making a last-minute appearance and queues stretching seemingly into infinity, staying hydrated is crucial. Don't let dehydration dampen your spirits. Keep a trusty water bottle close at hand to stay refreshed and focused. For those early birds looking to stay warm during the wait, bring along a hot water bottle to keep the chills away or a travel mug to keep your tea or coffee toasty.

Pack some snacks: Long queues can lead to growling stomachs. Keep your energy levels up with a stash of delicious snacks, ranging from trail mix to energy bars, or even a fresh bunch of grapes – no, not the fermented kind, a clear-headed voter is a responsible voter!

Are You Not Entertained?:  Queueing doesn't have to be boring. Make the most of your wait time by immersing yourself in a captivating true crime podcast. If audiobooks are more your thing, queue up your favourite stories while you patiently await your turn to cast your vote.

You’ve Got the Power: Don't let a dead battery silence your voice on Election Day. Ensure your phone stays powered up with a portable power bank to capture the momentous occasion. How else are you going to take a cute selfie to document your participation? And speaking of selfies, you might want to bring along your selfie stick to get the whole squad in! #SquadGoals

Silence the Buzz: If you find yourself weary of hearing all the different political opinions and want to block out the noise, consider bringing along a pair of earbuds, and have a curated playlist ready to help you zone out and stay calm during the wait. This can help create a more peaceful environment and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand without distractions.

With these essential survival tips, you'll be well-prepared to conquer the queues and make your voice heard on Election Day. And as you gear up for the big day, here's a friendly reminder to bring along your valid South African identification document with you, as it is required for voting.

Side note: avoid wearing bright colors like yellow, green, red, black, white, and blue – if you know, you know.

"While voting stands as one of the year's most fundamental activities, the long lines can be off-putting. But that needn’t be the case this Election Day. Let these tips assist you in preparing for the inevitable wait at polling stations,” concludes Spencer.
For more information and to explore a range of Election Day essentials, visit www.onedayonly.co.za.

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