Don't Let the Cold Stop You! Winter Braai Hacks and Essentials for South Africa

Conquer winter grilling with essential hacks and goodies! Elevate your braai game now with OneDayOnly.

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Don't Let the Cold Stop You! Winter Braai Hacks and Essentials for South Africa

South Africa is all about lekker times under the sun, with a cold beer and a sizzling braai. But winter has rolled into town, and suddenly, the idea of braaing in the crisp air loses its appeal.

Here at OneDayOnly, we're ready to turn that frown upside down with epic winter braai hacks and essential braai goodies that'll have you braaing like a champion, rain or shine!

The Power to the Lappie

The number one enemy of a winter braai? That pesky wind that keeps blowing out your fire. Here's where the lappie, also known as a windshield, comes in. This handy contraption creates a cosy little nook for your coals, keeping them nice and hot — even when the wind decides to play a blustery tune.

All About the Braai Essentials

Speaking of fire, getting it going in the winter can be a bit of a mission. Here's a tip: invest in some firelighters. These little gems will get your coals roaring in no time, so you can spend less time wrestling with the fire and more time prepping the meat.

Now, let's talk about the heart and soul of any braai — the coals. When it's winter, using woodchips alongside charcoal is a braai game-changer. Woodchips burn slower than charcoal, providing a more consistent heat for the longer cooking times that it often demands.

How to Master Indirect Cooking

Winter braaing often means thicker cuts of meat, like juicy roasts and boerewors, that need a more gentle touch. This is where indirect cooking comes in. By placing your meat on the side of the coals rather than directly over them, you'll achieve a slow and even cook, ensuring your meat is perfectly succulent and not burnt to a crisp.

Your Braai Champs (The Meat)

Now, onto the main event — the meat! Winter braaing calls for heartier cuts that can withstand a longer cooking time.

Here are the top 3 contenders:

Don't Forget the Sides!

A braai is nothing without some delicious sides. We all know your plate gets packed with all your favourite sides before even looking at the meat.

Here are some winter-warming ideas:

Mastering the Winter Braai

With a little planning, some essential braai gear, and a few clever hacks, you can keep the braai fires burning and the good times rolling all winter long. Remember, a winter braai isn't just about the food — well, it actually really is about the food, so let's not pretend, but it's also about having a good time with your friends and family, no matter the weather. So grab your braai tongs, fire up the coals, and embrace the magic of a winter braai South African style! Before you light the fire, visit and check out the Daily Deals. You might get lucky with the awesome braai essentials.

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