5 Must-Have TikTok-Type Gadgets You Can Actually Afford

Check out OneDayOnly's affordable gadgets that'll make you a TikTok trendsetter—no need to break the bank. Discover our top 5 picks now!

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5 Must-Have TikTok-Type Gadgets You Can Actually Afford

We've all seen those TikTok videos with people using the coolest gadgets. Phone projectors turn bedrooms into a mini-cinema. Microphone attachments make anyone sound like a rockstar. We're here to say you don’t need to break the bank to level up your gadget game.

OneDayOnly's got a whole bunch of awesome, affordable bits and bobs that'll have you feeling like a TikTok trendsetter without, well, needing to sell a kidney. So let's dive into the top 5 TikTok-type gadgets to enjoy:

1. Light Up Life (Literally!)

We're all about that aesthetic life, and what better way to ramp it up than with some funky LED lights? OneDayOnly has a sweet selection of mood lighting, from starry night room lights that'll make you feel like you're sleeping under the Milky Way to colour-changing strips that'll give any room a whole new vibe. Plus, they're perfect for an extra cool touch in your TikTok videos — imagine the epic lighting effects!

2. Foodies Fun Made Easy

We love a good food trend, but who has the time (or energy) to whip up fancy culinary creations? Enter the age of the awesome kitchen gadget! OneDayOnly has everything from spiralisers that turn veggies into fun noodles to egg cookers that'll make boiling, poaching, and omeletting a breeze, all in the blink of an eye. These little lifesavers ensure that Insta-worthy dishes are made in no time and with minimal effort.

3. Amp Up Phone Photography

Let's be honest; our phones are pretty darn good cameras nowadays. Want to take phone photography to the next level? OneDayOnly's got your back. Check out our deals on phone lenses — wide-angle for epic group selfies, macro for those super close-up detail shots, and maybe even a fisheye lens for a touch of that distorted fun. The nifty gadgets are perfect for snapping pics that'll make every follower think you've hired a pro photographer.

4. Become a Mobile Music Maestro

We love jamming out to our favourite tunes, but those built-in phone speakers just don't cut it, do they? OneDayOnly's got a selection of Bluetooth speakers on sale that are perfect for listening to music on the go. Imagine chilling at the beach with a bunch of mates, tunes pumping from your funky new speaker — beach day vibes achieved! Plus, with voice assistant options available these days, you can control your music with just your voice — hello, convenience!

5. Snap That Perfect Selfie (Every Time!)

Okay, we know the struggle of trying to get that perfect selfie — the lighting's off, your arm just isn't long enough, and why does your face always look a bit weird at that angle? OneDayOnly can help! We’ve got a bunch of selfie lights and remote shutter clickers on sale, so ditch the awkward arm contortions and dodgy lighting once and for all. Perfect for capturing those #flawless selfies that'll rack up the likes.

Best Price For The Best Gadgets

There we go! Five awesome TikTok gadgets that'll make you feel like a true trendsetter without leaving you needing to take out a loan. Head over to the OneDayOnly website now and check out our epic 24-hour deals. These gadgets won't last forever, and trust us, you don't wanna miss out!

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